Dental Bonding is the use of tooth-colored composite to fill, repair, or improve the overall aesthetic of a tooth. Unlike placing a mercury filling, where you essentially fill a hole, placing a bonding takes precision and detail. If this is not done properly then the bonding will fail, causing the filling to leak, fall out, crack, break, or be overly sensitive. Done correctly, however, dental bonding is an excellent, highly aesthetic, and long lasting result for repairing or enhancing a tooth. The best candidates for dental bonding are patients who need to restore a tooth or wish to have their teeth bonded for cosmetic reasons. Bonding composites can be used to fill a small cavity or repair a broken tooth. There are some limits to bonding if the cavity or old filling is large, if the tooth to be restored has cracks or fractures, or if there are heavy chewing forces on the tooth that need to be restored. If this is the case, a veneer or crown may be a better option than dental bonding. Our team of cosmetic dentists are not only careful and precise, but they have years of experience when it comes to dental bonding. You will rest assured that your teeth are in good hands when you come to us.

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