Anti-Aging Dentistry
Making oneself look more youthful used to involve intense, laborious plastic surgery and costly, but temporary, Collagen injections. Thankfully, anti-aging dentistry has revolutionized the desire to look youthful, more beautiful, and in improving one’s overall self-esteem. A non-invasive and practical alternative to plastic surgery, anti-aging dentistry can lift years off your face in just a week. As we get older, the lower portion of our face begins to shrink. With cosmetic dentistry, skillful technicians are able to manipulate tooth width and size, drastically reducing wrinkles and returning their patient’s face to a more youthful state. Besides aesthetic appeal, anti-aging dentistry can also provide benefits to one’s health. Teeth wear down throughout our lives and over time our jaws can be prevented from closing properly, causing extreme pain. Cosmetic dentistry can improve our teeth and jaw’s functionality as well as eliminating oral discomfort. Smile designs are uniquely created to fit each individual’s appearance. This is based on a number of factors such as the shape of the patient’s face. A patient with a round face would do best with long, square-shaped teeth, resulting in a slimming affect. Longer teeth are also traits associated with youth because older teeth are shorter after years of wear and tear. With longer teeth the mouth appears fuller as the teeth push out the lower lip, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Patients concerned about laugh lines can minimize wrinkles by building-out the veneer, which fills out the facial area above the veneer, thus smoothing wrinkles on the upper lip and causing lips to appear more full and pouty. Another indication of age is a mouth with dark spaces and stained teeth. Anti-aging dentistry works to broaden smiles with white teeth, leaving little room for dark spaces. Our cosmetic dentists will work with you to make sure we reach the right level of whiteness to naturally match your skin color. One of the many perks of anti-aging dentistry is that it provides immediate gratification with no extended recovery period. Our office can change a patient’s smile and look in just one visit. Friends and family members are often unable to notice the exact change. What they do notice, however, is how rejuvenated the patient looks immediately following the procedure.

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